Sodors Tuesday Electrical Blog

Every Tuesday you fine Ladies & Gents have the delight of an update from me (Sam).

I’m primarily responsible for anything electrical related to our projects, mainly due to my modeling skills being at the level of my 8 year old daughter!

The aim of this blog is to show what’s possible with a bit of research, time and imagination!

I like exploring different and often cheaper ways of achieving interaction and automation.

This week I’ll be focusing on our control box. This is slightly different to a traditional control panel as it is designed for multiple layouts thus meaning its not fixed to the layout.

The control box consists of two parts, The main box containing raspberry pi, command unit, feedback sensors, servo decoders and a polarity auto reverse decoder.

The second box, houses the power supplies, An 18v DC Supply for DCC track feed, 12v DC for the accessories and a 5v feed for smaller devices such as sound and smoke.

As mentioned above, this can be used for multiple layouts, or as a master unit to control all layouts when combined with the helper of boosters and smaller control boxes for use on our main circular layout.

This is only possible with the help of computer automation, we use iTrain to automate and “run” the railway, enabling one of ours goals, For the operators to interact with our guests.

Ill be diving into further details on a component by component use next week. In the mean time, if you have any comments or questions please post them via facebook or email us using the form on the bottom of the website.


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