A short how to to add turnouts to JMRI. This can be used for any decoder including our “All In One 16 servo Decoder”.

  1. Open JMRI & Ensure you have added your DCC system to the preferences in JMRI.
  2. In PanelPro select Tools –> Tables —> Turnouts¬†
  3. 3. Press “Add” button located at the bottom left.

3. Ensure the top tab is on your DCC System – in our case this is Xpressnet2.
4. Tick the box “Add a sequential range”
5. Change the “Number of items” to 15
6. Set the hardware address to the starting address of the servo decoder. As default this is 1. This will be different if you have requested a different starting address or configured the decoder via the Arduino web editor.
7. Press “Create”


8. Your turnouts will then fill the table as per below.
9. With your decoder powered and connected to DCC. Press the “State” button to change the direction of the servo.