DCC Packet Sniffer / Monitor

Recently we made a post showcasing our 8 way DCC relay decoder. In the coming weeks we’ll be detailing a few more decoders we have created using the Arduino development boards.

Today we are detailing our DCC Arduino Sniffer / Monitor.

This little PCB allows an Arduino to read a DCC signal. We use these in all of our Arduino based decoders.

For basic use you can connect this to any arduino, Using the arduino software you can view every DCC command sent from your controller(s).

If you wanted to take it a step further, you could connect a servo shield, relay shield or stepper motor shield to your arduino and control them like you would with a turnout (point) via your dcc controller.

The sketch and a simple how to guide can be found here:

Arduino guide

We also sell these packet sniffers, found here: 

DCC Sniffer – DCC Arduino Decoder